Solar Plants

On Grid System

On Grid Systems are solar PV System that only generates power when the utility power grid is available. This type of solar system will automatically send excess power to grid when solar power is more than Load demand. This excess power value get credited in your account through net metering system by Indian government.

Off Grid System

Off-grid Systems work independently of the grid but have batteries which can store the solar power generated by the system. The system usually consists of soalr panels, battery, charge controller, grid box, inverter, mounting structure and balance of systems.

Net Metering Process

Solar Net-metering In Bangalore a facility known as
“net-metering” has been introduced. In net metering the solar energy exported to the grid is deducted from the energy imported from the grid subject to certain conditions. The consumer pays for the net-energy imported from the grid. To enable net-metering BESCOM will replace the existing service connection meter with a bidirectional meter that displays the import and export energy separately.

1. An online application form needs to be filled to register the consumer with BESCOM.

2. The registration fee along with facilitation fee as per BESCOM norms needs to be paid.

3. Copy of the online filled application along with necessary documents (Copy of electricity bill, self certification of not availing subsidy from MNRE) with registration fee receipt shall be submitted to jurisdictional O & M, Sub-division office, BESCOM.

4. In case the connection of solar generation with LT panel or Transformer output the metering cubicle needs to changed. The cost of this will be extra.


Module Mounting Structure


Solar Bi - Directional Meter


Solar Module